Your Up-to-Date Update

The Leech Peopl…uh…my in-laws are safely ensconced at Family House, a hospital-owned housing facility. FiL has to stay there for two weeks, because he has to go to the hospital every morning for lengthy bloodwork to check that his new kidney isn’t being rejected. So far, his blood tests have all been great.

The downside to this is that they require someone to stay with him. My MiL is there this week, and had BW out running around in the pouring rain for hours last night fetching them groceries and things she’d forgotten to pack. She wants to go home at the end of the week, allegedly to do housework (anyone who knows my MiL knows what a joke THAT is!), so BW may have to do the FiL-sitting duties for Week Two. Or if we’re very lucky, FiL’s blood work will be so consistently good that they’ll send him home early.

Meanwhile, leftover Hurricane Frances hovers over Pittsburgh. Our garage got flooded last night and the whole house just smells like somebody’s nasty wet basement. Good thing we 1. bought a pump to handle floods, and 2. have lots of yummy nice Yankee Candles to burn.

Finally, BW did not get to finish work on his motorcycle, because he needs his father to be around to help him make a piece of metal to attach the side panels to the bike, because the original part isn’t there. But here are the latest bike pics:

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