Senile Ramblings

For the “These kids today!” files.

These kids today, I don’t know whether I feel pity or contempt, what with their emo and their chaste sparkly vampires. This was brought on by a recent trip to the school/office supplies aisle at Target (I needed some college-rule paper.) Such a boring selection of notebook/folder styles! Fake manga, Twilight crap, and not much else. Where’s the fun? Where’s the joie de vivre?  I always took the decor of MY school supplies VERY seriously, and made sure that every exposed surface was covered with something awesome. If I couldn’t get it ready-made, I’d use stickers. Do kids today even have stickers?

Anyway, this made me recall something I’d haven’t thought of for years: Fido Dido. Any other old people remember Fido? I LOVED him!

Circa 10th grade,  I had SO much Fido Dido stuff!  Buttons, stickers of course, pencils….his cute little skateboarding hippie face was all over my shit, except for those surfaces covered by hair metal hotness and Independent Truck Company and/or Vision logos.

Anyway, I have no idea where I’m going with this except to say, “Wow…Fido Dido”,

and “Ain’t internal consistency grand?”

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  1. kylee Says:

    ha! this made me laugh. i took school supplies super serious as well. and on the topic of stickers, i still have my scratch and sniff book!

  2. tarsier Says:

    Do you know that I -remember- your scratch and sniff book? I believe it was the envy of everyone. You should take some pictures of it! :)

  3. Mrs. Hdawg Says:

    Bitches could get injured over scratch n sniff stickers in the ’80s. We were fierce about the Smurf puffy stickers as well.
    But yes, Fido Dido! What the hell does that mean anyway? I loved his little triangular head. Thanks for the flashback, C.

  4. Mangler Says:

    Skate or Die indeed…I built a quarter pipe in the front yard of my Grandmother’s house when I was 14. Wow, that was a long time ago.

  5. tarsier Says:

    Now that’s dedication. Wish I could see a picture.

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