Move like a cat, charge like a ram

We are celebrating today in the Tarsier Jungle!  After Shaun did not perform to standard in the Slopestyle, the hater vultures scented blood.  They were circling.  He’s washed up!  His clothes look “gay”! Sellout!  You know the drill.

And then of course you know what happened.  He brought the smack down during the Superpipe and made the haters choke on their words AGAIN.  Oh how that makes my heart swell with glee!  Fourth consecutive X-Games Superpipe win, never done before.  And he did it looking like Slash, Bolan, and Plant while the rest of the field looked like…13 year old snowboarders.

As for our title, what you don’t see on the YouTube video that you did during the broadcast is the song that is playing in Shaun’s helmet headset while he makes this run (nice of ESPN to tell us these things, no?)….

20th Century Boy, T-Rex.  Reason enough to be Team Fox.  Will spend the rest of the day pumped up on adrenaline and glam metal!

2 Responses to “Move like a cat, charge like a ram”

  1. Marci Says:

    Dang…who needs coffee after all that?

  2. Wendy Says:

    Made my morning!

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