Better than eggnog.

Or a cell phone, iPod, Wii, perfume, socks, a sweater, or any other gift you may receive this holiday,  (though not as good as Gingerbread)  I am placing some screencaps from the HBO 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic show under your virtual trees today.  Yes, big enough to be used as wallpaper.

For the uninitiated/people who don’t live in PGH, the Winter Classic is a gimmic….uhhm….exhibition game.  The NHL came up with the idea a few years ago to sell more jers….um….raise awareness of the sport of hockey.  The concept is, they pick out two popular teams and have them play hockey outside, in the cold and snow, as it was meant to be played.  Then they freeze over a football field and go to town.  THIS year’s Winter Classic will be held on New Year’s Day right here in Pittsburgh.  Our dear Penguins will play against those very incarnations of Evil, the Washington Capitals.  Winter Classic has grown into a pretty big deal since it was invented, and this town is going nuts.  Every hotel is booked up, it’s gonna be insane.

Anyway, HBO is running a 4-part “reality” type show in the month leading up to the game.  They follow both teams around with cameras, manufacture some drama, the usual.  Nothing too exciting, but it made me remember why I started following this team in the first place.  :)


Oh my baby Jordan!  Mama misses you, please get better soon!

Um….gasp?  Sidney Crosby, you are nothing short of miraculous.

More where those came from! Click the link!  Will keep adding more if the episodes merit it. Wheee!

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