Winter has for once arrived on time to the benighted lands of Western PA, and I could not be happier.  Here’s a random, content-free toast to winter.

Because I love the Ice.

Because I love the Snow.

And because, if you’re a fan of the Song of Ice & Fire novels like I am, you know that the HBO adaptation is coming soon.  I have many, many issues with what I’ve seen so far but my fangirl buzz-level is still mega high because they cast SEAN BEAN as my favorite character in the books and he is so perfect that he may single-handedly make up for everything I see wrong in the trailer below.  Just listen to SeanBaby say, “Winter is cooming”…CHILLS!

Winter is coming! Winter is Here!  Hell yes, bring it on, and summer is for pussies!  *moshes*

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  1. LOUP Says:

    Absolutely my favorite pic of Sidney. I used to hate winter – too cold, too dreary. Now I just think of it as HOCKEY SEASON and it’s all good.

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