C’mon get Hapi

I think it’s safe to say that nobody doesn’t like Sriracha sauce, that mysterious Vietnamese condiment that comes in the big bottle with the rooster on it.  Its virtues are manifold and its presence is ubiquitous in every Asian food dive in the greater PGH metro region.  It adds heat!  It cuts grease!  It brings flavor to the bland and color to the uninspiring!  It may cure the common cold, but the research isn’t complete.

And now I’ve found that you can get the great taste of Sriracha on a crunchy snack!  Sriracha flavored peas, by the Hapi company of Indonesia (“Hapi Snacks for Happy Times!”)  Just like the old-standby wasabi peas, these are green peas fried until crunchy, but instead of wasabi coating they are doused with faux sriracha flavor.  A unplanned trip down the Asian aisle of the upscale supermarket this weekend brought them to my attention, and they were on sale, so I had to impulse buy.

Dammit, I should have bought 3 cans.  :(   They are addictive.  Spicy, but probably not so much that the more wussy among you couldn’t handle them.  And they do taste eerily like Sriracha sauce, even down to the little kick of garlic and tang of vinegar. How the hell did they do that?  It reminds me of the scary-realistic flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans.  (Do you think we could get a sriracha jelly bean??!)  My only quibble with these peas is…why peas?  There’s nothing wrong with using peas as the flavor-delivery system, but I think I would have liked a rice cracker or maybe a potato chip even more.  A very minor quibble.

Unlike wasabi peas, BW loves the sriracha variety, so I am forced to share.  See you in the Asian aisle….

2 Responses to “C’mon get Hapi”

  1. kylee Says:

    i bought those last year and sadly couldn’t get past a handful. this baffles me. i love siracha, all hot sauces, anything spicy! i thought they were too sugary. ok….now i have to bust out the can and try them again :P
    and as a side note, capsacin is the only natural remedy approved by the fda to cure a cold! burt wolf on pbs told me!

  2. ReeRee Says:

    .. well now I’m going to have to try to find these with a review like that !! :)

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