Mineral Point Break

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We ended at 1am Friday night/Saturday morning, after a long, strange trip to Baraboo and back.

Needless to say, we took our time getting up and about on Saturday.  Since I’d lost my planned ride to the airport for Monday (our friend Annmarie), and the festival was winding down earlier than I thought it would when I booked my flight, I spent a long time Saturday morning on the phone with Travelocity, trying to see if I could fly home on Sunday instead.  No dice.  The cost to change my flight would have amounted to what I paid for the tickets to begin with.  I sent out some pleading emails, and Julia & Nick stepped up to offer a ride on Monday.

But I get ahead of myself.
Saturday pictures that accompany this installment are here.

Our goals for Saturday were 1. relax 2. stay put.  We’d been staying Mineral Point for two days, but thusfar hadn’t seen anything other than the insides of the Opera House and the Midway bar!  So after lots of coffee, we set out to do the tourist thing.

The pictures attest to this better than I can, but Mineral Point is a charming town.  The Mineral Point “Charm Offensive” was how Darren put it.  Unlike a lot of small tourist towns, the kitsch factor was kept to a relative minimum.  Most of the shops were run by artist/craftsmen couples selling everything from fine art photography to benches to pottery pigs.  One shop sold nothing but fabulous scarves, all knit by the owner.  We met a cat named Lenny in residence at a glass store, and a Shi-Tzu called Tewkey, the Vice-President of Cute, at the Cornish Corner.  Trying to select just the right souvenir from all this was very challenging!  I regret we didn’t have time for the bookshops.

Also unlike a lot of small tourist towns, there is also plenty of authenticity left in Mineral Point.  The 1970′s era laundromat, the doctors’ offices, and the many hunter-hangout bars lining the main street attested to it being a town where the locals still lived.  We were enthralled by the 5-Point Cheese store, where one could select from cheap beers, dusty ancient-looking bottles of liquor, ammunition, venison jerky (locally made!), lottery tickets, hunting licenses, and of course a selection of fine cheeses.  Or just hang out in your full camo ensemble and watch the WI vs Iowa game.

We ate our obligatory lunch at the Red Rooster cafe, a Mineral Point institution offering traditional Cornish pasty and Figgyhobbins for dessert.  Both were good, but I give the edge to the Figgyhobbin, a pastry crust stuffed with raisins, cinnamon, and nuts then given a good dousing in caramel sauce.  Then it was off to a matinee at DFF.

The afternoon’s film was a documentary called Unforgettable about a LaCrosse, WI man with a rare mental condition that enables him to have near-total recall of every day of his life, and the world events that happened on each day.  The film was fascinating, and the Q&A afterwards with the fellow in person was moreso.

We then split for a little downtime and a bite to eat.  Saturday night and the rest of this adventure shall continue in the final installment!

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  1. Mrs. Hdawg Says:

    Cheryl, I’m so glad I got to enjoy this adventure with you. I’m also glad you have much better recall than I do.
    Can’t wait to see how you describe the “Bryoni”… and don’t forget the beer chip!

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