Time Travel Theater: LOTR

Boy Wonder told me that over on Slashdot, there’s been a discussion about how back in the 60′s/70′s, the Beatles wanted to make their own film of Lord of the Rings, and the Slashdotters were kicking around “what if” casting ideas for it.

Naturally, that set my mind a’spinning and before you know it I was obsessive-compulsively scribbling down a list of a LOTR cast from the 70′s. And now I’ll share it with you. :) A few caveats: in my hypothetical scenario, the movie would be released in 1973, so put on your imagination caps and picture the actors at the ages they’d have been then. And don’t fret about the lack of special effects back then…this is just a mental exercise, loosen up! Oh, and if you don’t know who these actors are, the IMDB is your friend. Ready? Let’s hop into the Time Travel Theater and go see…..


Frodo: Christopher Reeve
Sam: Richard Dreyfuss
Merry: Gary Burghoff
Pippin: Michael J. Pollard
Bilbo: Edward G. Robinson

Gandalf: Gregory Peck
Saruman: Vincent Price

Elrond: Donald Sutherland
Galadriel: Faye Dunaway
Legolas: Timothy Dalton
Arwen: Raquel Welch

Aragorn: Paul Newman
Boromir: Steve McQueen
Faramir: Peter Fonda
Denethor: Henry Fonda
flashback Isildur: Robert Duvall

Gimli: Oliver Reed

Theoden: Burt Lancaster
Eomer: Michael York
Eowyn: Helen Mirren

Gollum: Marty Feldman

Barliman: Don Rickles
Gaffer Gamgee: cameo by Orson Welles
Rosie Cotten: Terri Garr

What do you think, sirs?

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