Some Good News, for a Change…

… from the official Star Wars camp. The title of Episode 3 has been announced, and lo and behold, it isn’t stupid!

Make ready for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith !

I like it! It has ass-kicking connotations. It shows respect for the original movies. It makes a nice circle of completion from the Revenge of the Sith through to the Return of the Jedi. And it throws a little bone to us total geeks, since geeks all know that the original title of RoTJ was supposed to be Revenge of the Jedi. It was changed at the last minute because Jedi don’t do revenge.

Oh, but the Sith sure do…Muahahahahahaaaa!

If this movie is done right, it should be the best ever, and should get an R rating. It should be one long bloody, violent Shakepearean tragedy from beginning to end. But we know it won’t be done right. It will be namby-pamby, wishy-washy, and “for the chilllldrunn.” In other words, it will suck as bad as the first two.

But at least the title will have been good for once.

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