Random Ramblings

Over the weekend, I traveled out to visit Whistler, Stacy, and lil’ bitty Mo with my Mom. It was pretty nice overall. Did some shopping, my mom got to go on the QVC Studio tour, and I spent a lot of time riding around in the car with Mo staring holes into my head. Seriously, the child would not stop staring at me. I felt like I was blessed with Bela Lugosi-like power; “Sprog! You vill do my bidding! Ah-ah-aah!!” If only. Lil’ Mo is either real easily amused, or else is a future stalker of America. :)

BW took today off, so we ran around to the Strip District (it’s a bulk/discount/hard-to-find foods shopping area, for them who ain’t Pittsburghers) and to Whole Foods. I was disturbed by seeing two cars with Dubya 2004 stickers in the WF lot. That’s not right!! Everyone knows that WF is the exclusive domain of hippie leftists. You back Dubya, you get yourself to the Super Wal-Mart with the other ignorant rednecks where ya belong!

Our new home theater/surround sound system came in today. We had to replace our (very) old CD-changer and decided we might as well just go whole-hog. BW is downstairs tinkering with it at the moment. I shudder to think what the living room looks like.

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