So it begins


Hockey season is officially upon us!  I wish I could be excited, but so far all I feel is a big “meh.” Hence, the Crosby Goodness above…an effort to psych myself out.

A few of my favorites have left the team.  The guys who remain (Sid and JStaal excepted, naturlich!) are guys who…frankly…I never liked very much to begin with (Malkin suuuuucks!) and/or I’m just bored to death with.  (Sorry MAF.  I have not recovered from your lackluster playoff performance.  Yah’ better get on fixing that.)    The Pens need some new faces to shake things up, and it remains to be seen whether the newbies we’ve added this year will be anything to get worked up over.

And worst of all, my darling Viking boy Jordan Staal is benched by his injury for Odin only knows how long!  I cannot deal with this, y’all!  We have tickets to Saturday night’s game, and I’m not even feeling like I should go watch the Man Zoo.

All we have left is Sid.  But by gawd, if you have to have only one player left on your hockey team…..hehhehheh.   Thank you, E.  Thank you for blessing us with Sidney.  For me 2010-2011 will truly be, now more than ever, The Sidney Crosby Show.

Go get ‘em, honey.

2 Responses to “So it begins”

  1. LOUP Says:

    It is definitely all about Sidney. Where do you find these hot commercials for our boy.

  2. tarsier Says:

    YouTube! :)

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