Pumpkin Days Are Here Again

There are things in life that I own up to being a complete sucker for; things that are guaranteed to make me cheerfully part with my money.   A Russell Crowe movie on opening weekend.  A new Song of Ice & Fire book.  Peter Murphy.  Viking movies.  Magazines with Shaun White on the cover.  Ginger-flavored anything.  And worst of all….pumpkin.  It’s as if I believe that I can somehow buy the essence of Fall, and own it, and keep it…if only I purchase enough pumpkin product.

So it is that I find myself in possession of a box of new, “limited edition” Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts.

Disclaimer: I don’t eat Pop Tarts.  Ever.  Definitely not the frosted ones.  I have a nostalgic fondness for the unfrosted strawberry flavor, but I don’t eat them.  Especially since there are 2 Pop Tarts in a package, yet a “serving” is supposed to be one.  WTF are you supposed to do with the second one?  And gawd help you if you’d eat both!  Diabetic fucking coma!  But it’s pumpkin…so…

And you know what the scary thing is?  They are actually pretty dang good!  Obviously, it’s a Pop Tart so if you demand the world’s most naturalistic pumpkin flavor, you’re going to be disappointed.  But I was pleasantly surprised at how right they got it.  I was expecting a super-artificial mega-sweet sugar death bomb.

Instead, I got a pleasing pumpkin flavor, even detected hints of cinnamon and maybe even nutmeg!  Despite the fact that it was frosted, it was not overly sweet.  Sweeter than I’d prefer my pumpkin pie in real life, but truly not bad at all!  Also I admit, the little fall-colored sprinkles on top are very appealing.  (Sucker!!!)

If they could create an adult take on these, without the frosting, with maybe a whole-grain crust, and make two tarts weigh in under 400 calories and 75-kajillion carbs, (in other words, make them not be Pop Tarts)  I’d consider eating them for breakfast.  But as it stands, I will keep them around for an occasional dessert.  And here I thought I was going to have to give the box away.  Kudos to you, Kellogs!

Did I mention that there is a “limited edition” Gingerbread flavor as well?  *sigh* ((Sucker!!) (They should put Shaun White on the box!!))

3 Responses to “Pumpkin Days Are Here Again”

  1. ReeRee Says:

    … I have to see if I can find these around here ! … and you know what- I totally understand the sentence about feeling like you ‘own’ the essence of Fall … in the past I have actually bought Pumpkin Spice liquid soap around this time of year… ( it’s only available in Fall )… :) Great Stuff !! :)

  2. mom Says:

    I agree, give me anything pumpkin or gingerbread.

  3. Mrs. Hdawg Says:

    I have been wondering lately, “exactly what are sprinkles”? I saw a girl with an 80 oz. carton of “Sprinkle King” brand sprinkles refilling the container in the yogurt joint.

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