He was made of Fur & Love

Most everyone I think already knows this, but on July 29, 2010, we lost our beloved Gulliver Flynn to a struggle with liver disease.  Gulliver was 13 years old.

He had been diagnosed with a chronic liver disorder (cholangiohepatitis) a year or two ago.  It only flared up once or twice a year, resulting in gastric upsets mostly, and was easily controlled with medication.  But beginning in July, he started acting lethargic and just not quite himself.  He displayed none of his usual symptoms and so I thought he was just tired out from the extreme heat here.  I will hate myself for that for that until the day I die.  The last week of July, we noticed that he was jaundiced and rushed him to the vet.  Also, he had lost a lot of muscle.  He began a course of the standard liver medications…after 4 days he was no better.  Perhaps his liver had just been worn down by the existing condition over the years and just couldn’t rally anymore.  I will never know.  But the last two days of his life saw him in rapid decline, as the toxins in his body began to affect his brain.  He had short seizures every few hours, was normal in-between.  By Thursday morning, the seizures were coming hourly and his “normal” moments were getting fewer; we wanted him to go while he still had some normal moments left to enjoy.

He had his favorite treat; a cupcake, on Thursday morning.  Then some Rescue Remedy so his ride to the vet would not be traumatic.  The whole event was utterly tranquil for him, and very fast.  He was unafraid and we were with him.

I can’t tell you what a hole this has left in our lives.

I tend to aggrandize our older cat, Gandalf…Gandalf has always been more of MY cat, my Familiar, really.  I tended to think of Gulli as more normal, or as we always called him, “Just a Little Cat.”  I was so wrong.

Now that he is not here I understand that his presence was huge.  Just huge.  He filled a room with it.  Not just because he was often noisy, and in-your-face.  But from the sheer love he gave off.

Gulliver was a bundle of Good Karma.  He was a teacher of how to treat other beings; with love and kindness and open warmth.  These qualities saved his life; he had originally been a laboratory cat.  Because he was so loving, the techs there couldn’t bear to experiment on him and smuggled him out….that is how he came into our lives.

He was a far better person than I’ll ever be.  I hope we gave him back a fraction of the love he gave us.  We tried so hard to do our best by you, Gulli-buddy.  We miss you so much….but you will be a presence in our  lives forever.

– Mom, Dad, and Mr. Gandalf

5 Responses to “He was made of Fur & Love”

  1. mom Says:

    My heart is broken because Gulliver is not in my life anymore. I have cried
    for him since he left us. May he be in kitty heaven because he surely deserves it.
    Love from “grandma”

  2. ReeRee Says:

    … Cheryl, that’s beautiful !! I was shocked to read that he was a lab cat… so happy that you gave him love and comfort after he was smuggled out…!! He loved you too !! :)
    You did right by Gulliver all these years and in return he filled your life with joy and love and laughter !! :) You and Phil are great people !! :) :)

  3. Whistler Says:

    There was never a moment while in your home that little Gulli Buddy failed to bring about a smile on my face. 

    He always made sure you were welcomed in his own little way. 

    He was the ying to Mr. Gandalf’s yang. Both special in their own ways yet Gulli’s charisma won you over time and time again. 

    He won over this dog loving fool and made an impact in my life.  

    Love you buddy. 

    - Uncle Dave  

  4. LOUP Says:

    I am not a cat person but that didn’t stop Gulli from taking over my lap and heart. Dave is right, his charisma made him irresistible.

    He will be missed.

  5. Wendy Says:

    I am so sorry to read of your loss. Although I had never met Gulli, I understand the pain of losing a beloved pet. My heart goes out to all of you.

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