And then it got surreal-er

So yesterday I began the long, though awesome, story of how my goofy Facebook fangirling of Darren Burrows lead to my doing graphic design for a film festival, thanks to D’s good auspices.

But wait!  There’s more!

On Sunday the 18th (my gawd, has it only been 10 days?!) I was entertaining myself playing with Photoshop as I often do, and made a silly little Team Edward spoof graphic…using Ed Chigliak.  I posted my creation to Darren’s Facebook page.

Literally within minutes, D contacted me and asked if I’d want to do up some t-shirts on Cafe Press.  Well how could I say no?  :)

The days since then have been one big long brainstorming, Photoshopping, uploading, product-designing frenzy.  I’ve never enjoyed being overworked and underpaid so much.  :)   And through it all, Darren has been collaborating right along, being amazingly enthusiastic and supportive, providing insightful critique, and making sure all the nit-picking i-dotting-t-crossing gets done.  He’s not just a Muse, he’s also an excellent business partner!

Our Cafe Press shop had its “Grand Opening” yesterday, so go check it out.

Only 5 designs to pick from right now, but more will be forthcoming, as well as more products in existing designs.  We started with the Team Edward stuff, but to me the most important one as a Northern Exposure fan was the “Ed Chigliak Films” logo.  I had to get that one right, and Darren had to 100% love it.

The inspiration was drawn from one of THE defining moments from Northern Exposure.  A few minutes of footage that makes all NEX fans misty-eyed with wistfulness.  A few moments that encapsulate not just the spirit of a beautiful fictional place, but the beautiful spirit of the fictional filmmaker who created it.  This is Ed Chigliak, and NEX, at their best.  Watch:

So there’s my tale.   I told D that even if we don’t sell one single shirt, it will all have been worthwhile because we had so much fun.  And I got to make friends with DB.   Thanks again man, it’s been awesome.

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  1. mom Says:

    I enjoyed having my coffee with Ed this morning. Great story.

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