It’s Been Surreal

If there’s anybody still left out there checking up on this blog, you may have wondered where the hell I’ve been of late.  Where I’ve been is right at home, but too busy to write anything.  Also, I wanted to keep the projects I’ve been working on sort-of under wraps until their public unveiling.

Also, it’s a really long story…of Facebook, Fandom, and…Friendship?  Here’s Part 1.

Remember Darren Burrows, of whom I’ve written before?  Played Ed on Northern Exposure?

Well he’s all grown up and hanging out on Facebook.  :)

Which is the primary reason I joined back in November.  Because I thought it was really cool that he was actually an active participant on his fan page, and one could like…talk with him…and he’d reply.  So I’ve been hanging out there, chit-chatting with DB and meeting some very cool new friends in the process.

Fast-Forward to last month.

So Darren is such a personable guy that by this time, us regulars on the fanpage feel almost as if we know him as a real person.  One of his current projects is trying to start up a film festival with an indie-film producer friend of his in Wisconsin.  (Specifically, the Driftless region of WI.) What’s cool to me about this (apart from the fact that I just dig WI) is that the festival will be held in a series of gorgeous small towns, many of which still have preserved their amazing old movie theaters from the Golden Age of Cinema.  (And y’all know how I feel about THAT subject!) In other words, I was on-board with this film festival from the word “go,” but I didn’t know how to help out, or if Darren would take such offers of help seriously.

Towards the end of July, D announced that the Driftless Festival site might be going live soon.  My friend and fellow fan (and Art School Girl of Doom….Darren attracts artsy girls…trust me on this) Teresa and I found the proto-site, and shook our collective artsy heads at the logo they had at the time.  It was sad.  It just Would Not Do.  Teresa and I wanted to work on a new logo together, but T is a grad student and had too much on her plate already…and Darren was about to go to WI for festival planning sessions….so I hunkered down and spent like 24 straight hours designing a logo with T’s encouragement.

The two of us then, with great trepidation, presented the logo to DB.  We weren’t sure how he’d react.  Would he resent our meddling?  Would he dismiss us as a couple of crazy art-school stalker-chicks (not that we aren’t)?  Neither.  He very graciously accepted our offer of help, loved the first logo…and then, like a true Virgo…asked for a re-design.  :)   I then spent something like another 72 straight hours on the redesign, which has been accepted by Darren, his producer friend, and the other folks who make up the Driftless Film Festival planning committee as the official logo of the fest.  I’m currently working with some of the committee guys on producing some posters for their office windows, and hopefully more stuff to come.

This project has meant a LOT to me.  Not only because I’ve been wanting to help Darren with a film festival since Northern Exposure season 5, Episode “Rosebud” traumatized me.  ;)   But because this is the kind of work I love to do; that I haven’t been able to do because I’ve been stuck in Library-Land with no “real” design work under my belt and no “proof” that I really do have some idea what I’m doing.  The opportunity to do some creative work 1. for a project I’m excited about, 2. that will be seen by real flesh-n-blood people, is a dream come true.  And getting such overwhelmingly positive feedback from someone who I genuinely like and respect has been a big dollop of icing (and a much-needed self-image boost.)

So thank you,  Darren, for taking a chance on someone who until last month considered herself a “wannabe” graphic designer.

The tale will continue tomorrow!

8 Responses to “It’s Been Surreal”

  1. Whistler Says:

    Wow. Congrats.

  2. Kristy Says:

    Well, let’s see the logo!

  3. tarsier Says:

    @Kristy! Whoops, guess I should have provided that, huh? :)

    The black one is really the primary logo. It’s a view of a landscape composed of real-life elements pulled from all over the Driftless geologic region.

  4. mom Says:

    I can’t believe this is happening. i am happy for you Cheryl.

  5. Mrs. Hdawg Says:

    Action begets action… putting that karma out there and seeing what comes flinging back at you. Since I was Raised by Hippies, you can always trust me to come with the hippie perspective.

    Congratulations on a job very well done. And the rest of the tale, too!

  6. paula Says:

    Three cheers for Cheryl! Congratulations!

  7. ReeRee Says:

    … that is so cool !! I just sent you and Teresa a Congratulations memo !
    … Love the logo !!! :)

  8. kylee Says:

    cheryl! way cool! lucky girl! and two things stuck out for me – preserving old theaters! YES! i love this idea of traversing the country finding these treasures and your love for design. i too have such a love for it even tho’ i have no proper education ( i say phewy on proper ed! ) and have never taken it to this extent. i merely eff around for my own pleasure :) ok, now i’m off to go watch some northern exposure….tee hee….

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