Drive-By OMGing! (OMGinge-ing?)

You know…here I was, fighting my usual battle of Reverse-Seasonal Affective Disorder VS. my Will To Live, with Will To Live staggering and bloody against the ropes….

And then I found this.  Oh Prince Harry, you are a live-saver indeed!  Harry for King!

2 Responses to “Drive-By OMGing! (OMGinge-ing?)”

  1. Mrs. Hdawg Says:

    I wonder if they can alter the succession due to unpredicted exchange in hotness between William and Harry. King Hot Ginge!

  2. tarsier Says:

    I have been saying for ages that I want to see a Medieval-style coup in which Harry, with the backing of the military, claims the throne and declares war on Chuck and Wills. Pitched battles, rebel Lords, heads on pikes, the whole lot.

    And I want it broadcast live on BBC America.

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