BW’s workplace purchased a few iPads, ostensibly for BW and his Aide to use on the job; thusfar, it hasn’t left our house.  So I was browsing the Application store when I came across…

FREE for the iPad…the iKamaSutra.

I guess this is for when you’re out and about and you meet someone who is just so impressed that you own an iPad, they want to shag you right on the spot!  But what about the logistics?  When you’re consulting your iKamaSutra with the iPad out on the bed and then…the sickening crunch as your hook-up rolls over onto it?  That would be a short relationship.  Or the two of you hurry off to some anonymous motel in the middle of nowhere and find that there’s no free internet access?!?  Heartbreak!

Steve Jobs would just say that it serves you right for using naughty apps in the first place.

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