“Hi, I’m Ed.”

I’m not an overly sentimental person, but on big occasions I pull out the stops.

July 12, 1990.

It was twenty years ago today that many of us first paid a visit to Cicely, Alaska.

It was not long after that that I took up full-time residence in Cicely, at least in my heart and mind.  Part of me dwells there still and most likely always will.  What -was- it about Northern Exposure?  I don’t know; not in any way I could explain in words.  I just know that for whatever reason, it seeped into my subconscious.  It altered my worldview, changed my thinking.  As much as I became a mental “citizen” of Cicely, the citizens of Cicely in turn moved in to my psyche and put down very deep roots.  Even after I had gone for over 10 years without visiting, when I started watching again last year it was like coming home.  Or rather, that I had never left.

Whatever the reasons were, the hold NEX has on people is undeniable.  Otherwise,  I wouldn’t be sitting here 20 years after the fact typing this.  There wouldn’t be a MooseFest going on next week (aauuugh, I wanna go!), there wouldn’t be all the nice people I’ve met on Facebook through mutual fandom.   Probably part of NEX’s appeal was the sense of a community; in a different way there is still a community.

So how about a big communal virtual toast to an unforgettable show and everyone who helped it come into being…talented writers, a perfect cast who gave us not “characters” but living, breathing people…and to my particular favorite one of those people….Ed Chigliak.  A down-to-earth Dreamer, an Artist and a Muse, simple but complex.  One gangly, beautiful bundle of contradictions that made perfect sense.
Here’s to Ed and Darren.  Joel and Rob.  Chris and John.  Maurice and Barry.  Marilyn and Elaine.  Holling and John.  Shelly and Cynthia.  Ruth-Anne and Peg.  Janine and Maggie.  To OldVick, Jessie the bear, trebuchets, the Flying Man, Walt Whitman, dream sequences, the Brick, Woody Allen’s grandma, Marty, Ingmar Bergman, and Orson Welles. THANK YOU, show!

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  1. ReeRee Says:

    … BEAUTIFUL !!!! I feel the same way about this show… 20 years and it’s still under my skin… and I live and breathe it daily… I often find myself drifting out of reality and I am right back in Cicely, AK… maybe at the Brick, maybe at Ruth Anne’s !! I’m a permanant resident in my mind !! :)

    And I am so glad you have the words “Hi, I’m Ed” with a picture for today’s blog… because as you know that’s the line and smile that hooked me for life !! :)

    I loved how the dream sequences played a part in so many episodes … and everyone was a part of the town … we got to know and love so many characters – each one so unique !!

    Of course Ed is my absolute favorite !! I love his honesty and response to problems in daily life…. you felt that if Ed could get through it you could too!! Ed taught us quite alot… especially when dealing with the Little Green Man …
    And you always felt that Ed would talk to you if you needed him.. in that way Darren is just like his Ed character … :) I am so happy to have made such great friends from Darren’s FB page…. :) :) And of course talking to Darren himself, which I still can’t believe we do !!!! :) :) :) :) !!!!!!!!!!!

    I couldn’t imagine any other actor playing Ed, could you ????

    I can’t say enough about this show … Love it ! Love it ! Love it ! :)

    So 3 cheers to Northern Exposure on your 20th !!
    … not just a show… a way of life !! :)

    Let’s all retire to Cicely, AK – meet you at the Brick !!!! :)

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