Live from Toronto!
“True patriot love in all thy sons command!”

6 Responses to “HAPPY CANADA DAY!”

  1. ReeRee Says:

    ….. NICE !! I might just have to start watching Hockey after all !! :)

  2. LOUP Says:

    Enjoy the fireworks!

    Sid Bless You.

  3. LOUP Says:

    That is how she got me hooked ReeRee.

  4. ReeRee Says:

    … Hi Loup ! :)
    … I look forward to watching a game…. and drooling at the players ! :)
    haaa ! :)

  5. tarsier Says:

    ReeRee it’s really simple. Just memorize the following: Sidney Crosby #87. And you’re done! The whole secret to enjoying hockey, right there! :)

  6. ReeRee Says:

    … Hi Tarsier,
    … Consider it done ! :) Looking forward to watching my first game ! :)
    … Please give me a heads up for when the next game will be on ! :)

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