Sorry for the lack of, well, anything lately.

Between work and getting ready to go away and the lure of Facebook (it’s so much easier! You don’t have to think of sustained content! heh) and sheer laziness (not to mention the utter LACK of movies to review!), I have not been pulling my weight around here.

You haven’t really missed anything, though.  Did some IKEA shopping this weekend.  Watched the Flying Fox at the Dew Tour skate open on telly Saturday.  He was injured and didn’t compete; at first I was relieved that Cousin R and I didn’t go to Boston as we had contemplated.  But then, NBC had the genius idea of asking/making him help host the event and do broadcast commentary.  So if we had gone, we STILL coulda sat there and gazed upon him through binoculars!  And he still hung out and signed autographs and stuff.  We shoulda gone, R!! :P

We’re headed to Toronto on Wed. morning.  I’m going to a conference on Educational Media.  It’s gonna be both Canada Day and Toronto Gay Pride Week while we’re there, so it should be more awesome than usual.  After we return, there’ll be less than 2 weeks until Inception comes out!   Thank E!  It is the ONLY movie of the summer that looks like it won’t be abyssmal…the ONLY one I am looking forward to.  The wait has been excruciating.  Help us, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you’re our only hope.

Speaking of JGL.

It is really hard/uncomfortable for me to maintain my current OCD jones for Joe G-Lev in the face of stuff like this that keeps cropping up on the internets.  People who post these items, please cease n’ desist!

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  1. whistler Says:

    Ha! I was just watching The Big Lewbowski last night..

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