Mel Gibson says, “Buy War Bonds!”

I watched The Patriot on tv last night because Donal Logue was in it, BW was out of town, and I had nothing better to do. Yeesh, what a cruddy film. You know a movie is bad when even though you have the sound turned off and you’re reading a book during it, you still can follow the plot!
Mel Gibson was born at the wrong time. He should have been around to crank out propaganda films for the US govt. back during WWII; he would have excelled at that. Me, I had some fun rooting for the redcoats.

Donal was awfully cute, but I swear some scenes from his already-too-small part were cut to make the Patriot fit into its tv timeslot. Not fair! If I have to deal with Mel, I need some serious compensation. Fortunately, Jason Isaacs was also in it as (of course) the head British “bad guy.” I’d heard a lot of fangirls on my childfree newsgroup swooning over Mr. Isaacs, but I’d never seen him in a film. Turns out he is pretty dang hot; he’s like Alan Rickman-lite. Or Basil Rathbone reincarnated.

Anyway, what I really wanted to post was these inspiring thoughts for the day, courtesy of Fad Gadget.

This is the shadow of a great cloud
This is the flag of hate
Patriotism is the key word now
Here in this democratic state

And the sheep look up
As the sky falls down
Tumbling heavy to the sea

Follow my leader is all I can play now
The people want war ‘cos war is for real
We can pull together with our common enemy
Hatred stimulates – it’s infectious

And the sheep look up
As the sky falls down
Tumbling heavy to the sea

—-Frank Tovey

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  1. LOUP Says:

    Jason Isaacs is drool worthy — I love it when it plays bad guys — but I really dug his stint in Sweet November as Chaz Cherry. = )

    I actually like watching The Patriot — I don’t watch the movie … I just like the scenery. I enjoyed living in Charleston and some of the scenes in that flick make me miss it less.

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