C’mon Get Happy

Ok, so we lost.  But you know what?  We won last year, and we deserved it more last year.

Besides, I just can’t be down.  As of today, BW is done with studying for his Master’s Qualifier!!  I get my friend and husband back!  *boogies* And I’m gonna celebrate with some JGL! *boogies*

And for the depressed among you, this will fix you right up…(you’ll have to click thru to YouTube but it’s worth it)

Admit it, you’re smiling.  If you could see the big retarded grin plastered all over my face as I watched that, well, you’d probably point and laugh.  But I wouldn’t care!

I suppose I’ll give my closing thoughts on the Pens.  Last night it dawned on me that in a Karmic sense, the defeat was inevitable.  Did not this entire city collectively WILL Montreal to beat Washington and advance?  We all wanted it.  We all thought that seeing Ovechkin humiliated was the most important thing…I distinctly heard more than one person say words like, “If Washington loses, it will be as good as a Stanley Cup!”  Well, we got want we asked for and last night Karma/Satan/whatever came to collect.

Also,  the very first game played in the Civic Arena was a loss against Montreal.  Isn’t it then fitting that the last game in the Civic Arena should be a loss against Montreal?  The circle is complete.  Now as a wise man once said, “Let’s blow this thing and go home!”

If you’re still depressed, just JGL, rinse, repeat, until you feel better. *boogies*

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  1. Rach Says:

    “Did not this entire city collectively WILL Montreal to beat Washington and advance?”

    That’s why I stopped wording my wishes that way years ago. I now go with “I’ll take the team that we can beat…even if it’s the team that scares everyone or the one we hate”. Curse you evil playoff superstitions!

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