Drive-By Smiting

Yo, peace out, R!

Oooohhh gaaawd.  Robin Hood this weekend.  Such mixed feelings.  I think I said this before, but 3 or 4 years ago when this movie was still in production, and this movie was still called Nottingham, and this movie was meant to star Rusty portraying the Sheriff as good guy, I was SO onboard.  It was gonna be the Best Medieval Movie Ever.

But now it’s just as if everybody involved got really, really lazy and rehashed the Gladiator script but with different costumes.  And if I think that as a loyal Russell bitch, what on earth must the General Public think?  I have a sinking feeling that this one is gonna tank big time at the box office and then I’ll have to endure months of insufferable, smug media critics carping that ‘Russell Crowe’s career is over’, and of course a bunch of endless pudge jokes.  *siiiiigh*  Seriously, does that man look fat to you?!

So, I do want RH do to well.  But I’m still disappointed in the movie that they ended up filming.  Don’t mistake me; I am Russell’s bitch to the end and I’ll be there, but we’re making a concession and going on Monday night for the cheaper seats.   ‘Cause to me, Russ is just too…authoritative to play Robin.  He’s a soldier, he’s the Sheriff, he’s a general, and he’ll administer an up-close-n-personal beat-down with a sword or fists, but a guy who sneaks around and wages guerrilla warfare from treetops with a bow?!

No.. THAT is this guy……. bless his beautiful 80′s heart…

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  1. LOUP Says:

    I’m sure you heard about his hissy fit over his accent by now. I don’t know why he is such a target for people.

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