I am Iro…ahh, screw it.

I wish I wanted to see Iron Man 2, but I don’t.  Can’t really put my finger on why, but I don’t.

Mainly I guess it’s because I no longer like the 1st Iron Man.  Has this ever happened to any of you?  You see a movie, walk out of the movie theater really liking it, but then with the passage of time, some sort of subconscious decomposition process occurs that you aren’t even aware of and one day it hits you, “Hrmm..that movie was actually pretty stupid.”

That’s what happened to me with Iron Man.  Unfortunately, it happened after we’d already bought the Blu-Ray (which we have never watched.)  I just don’t ever wanna see that movie again. I don’t hate it; I just no longer like it. Seriously, does this happen to anybody else?  I need to know.

Similar process happened with the Iron Man 2 trailer.  First time I saw it I was jazzed up, but by the time of the second trailer I was thinking, “Hasn’t this thing come out yet?  I’m sick of this movie!”   ‘Course in addition to the above, IM2 also has ScarJo in it, and she is the kiss of death to me.

Add to this that I really intensely dislike the weird goatee RDJ sports as Tony Stark.  I swear it looks airbrushed on!  Ooky.

Then he showed up to the London premiere looking like a plate of plastic ass:

Don’t tamper with the hot, RDJ! Pleeaasee…you’re freakin me out!

Sooo, this is just a pointless ramble but I truly am upset that I’m gonna miss the new trailer for Inception

5 Responses to “I am Iro…ahh, screw it.”

  1. Mrs. Hdawg Says:
  2. Mrs. Hdawg Says:

    Hmmm… well, Mrs. Hdawg did say:

    {picks up Cheryl’s finger, drops it on Gwyneth Paltrow} Now you’ve put your finger on what’s wrong with Iron Man.

  3. Jil Says:

    Forrest Gump. Saw it, thought it was great, and then had second, third and fourth thoughts on it. Especially since “Pulp Fiction” should have wiped up the floor with it at the Academy Awards.

  4. LOUP Says:

    Totally get it … save your “if I have to be out in public with these crazy people” points to see the Crowe-ness

  5. babs Says:

    Not just you. Though I didn’t like Iron Man to begin with.

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