Breaking News: Some PGH sports fans aren’t retards!

This is the single best article ever written about Pittsburgh sports in the history of Pittsburgh and sports.

Pittsburgh fans turn to Crosby

Yes, this will always be Steelers country, first and foremost. But recent events – both good and bad – have run together like the three rivers themselves, and suddenly hockey is gaining on football and the face of this All-American city is a Canadian named Sid.


…wonders what he’s going to do with his 2-year-old son’s Roethlisberger jersey. His wife wants him to give it to Goodwill.

“But Sidney Crosby is sparkling clean,” he says. “He’s the role model you want your kid to be. Five years ago there were rumors about Ben, but you never hear anything about Crosby. He’s the poster boy. He’s the All-American … er, Canadian. Prior to March, I’d say it went Ben, Sid, Hines Ward. Now it’s Sidney.”

It doesn’t matter that Crosby’s not from around here. Mario wasn’t, and Clemente wasn’t. In Pittsburgh it’s about what you do, not where you’re from. And so far Crosby has only done good.

Read the whole thing, it will bring a big ol’ grin to your face!

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  1. Rach Says:

    Love it! :D

  2. mom Says:

    Awesome, That’s our boy Sidney

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