The mighty have fallen


So the Pens thrash Montreal last night, but who cares?  The victory is pyrrhic, because Baby JStaal was wounded in the battle.

I cannot believe it!  Who would dare to lift a finger to JStaal?! This cannot go unavenged!  In other words

Please everyone reading this light a candle for mah BabyJ.  I’d do it myself, but I need to sharpen this shiv.

4 Responses to “The mighty have fallen”

  1. whistler Says:

    Official word is that the surgery was to repair a lacerated tendon in his foot. The team is saying that he’s day to day. Whatever the hell that means..

  2. LOUP Says:

    We so need to start either an entire site or sections on our blogs called Shiv a Bitch and post who we would shiv. Srsly.

  3. whistler Says:

    that would be funny..

  4. LOUP Says:


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