Guinea Pig

On my most recent LUSH foray I picked up some new products to try in addition to my usual standards.  I’ve gotten a chance to test them out, and here’s what I think.

The Geo Phyzz bath bomb is superlative!  It just smells like green, I can’t describe it.  Here, I’ll let the wordsmiths at LUSH do it for me: “Much like when you are standing on a piney forest cliff overlooking ocean waters.”  Yeah, that’s pretty accurate.  It’s made of sea salt, pine, and cypress.  I found it to be really moisturizing and it didn’t stain the tub green, always a plus.

The Ickle Baby Bot bomb looks KAWAII sitting around on display in one’s bathroom, makes a very lovely, tranquil smell, but didn’t do anything in particular skin-wise.  I’d recommend mixing it with some other product, like a bubble bar, to give it some ‘oomph.’

Which brings me to…

The Dorothy Bubble Bar.  I admit,  I bought this because it reminded me of a gay pride flag.  (And it IS called ‘Dorothy’!)  And it smells, well, fabulous.  Sweet, yet tangy.  Like a Jolly Rancher candy or something.  But it didn’t dissolve terribly well and therefore did not produce enough bubbles, imo.  I’ll probably be passing on this one next time.

As Shaun’s granny would say, “Now isn’t that a fancy bath!”

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  1. Wendy Says:

    I can’t wait to try the Grass shower wash and a few other of the new items!

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