Necessity is a mutha

Been on the phone making plans for what promises to be the Worst Meeting Ever this June.  I know, I use that term a lot, but what can I say…in my job it seems like a new title-holder is crowned virtually every year!  We strive for high achievement!  :P

Anyway, our meeting will be at Penn State this year which normally would be a good thing.  But.  The nice centrally-located hotel  we usually stay at was all booked so the powers-that-be chose the other PSU hotel which is located all by itself, 4 miles from central campus, on the side of an interstate, near an on/off ramp.  Did I mention that I don’t drive/bring a car to these meetings?

Which means…..*cue Bernard Herrmann*

…can’t walk to  Starbucks…will have to drink Meeting “Coffee”!….and it won’t be iced!!

…can’t walk to dinner….will be stuck eating Hotel “Food”!!!

Homey don’t play dat.

I can at least do something about the coffee.  I had some Starbucks VIA (instant coffee) packs around the house.  I mostly keep them around for baking, but the Extra Bold variety actually makes an awesome cup of coffee.  I tried making iced coffee out of it, though, and the results were “meh.”  Yesterday I picked up a small pack of the Medium variety and it makes muuuuch better, quite tasty iced coffee.

So at least we’ve all gained some valuable knowledge from out of this suffering.  I have over a month to figure out the food issue.

2 Responses to “Necessity is a mutha”

  1. Rach Says:

    There’s a very nice Italian restaurant a few miles from the campus out there that had excellent food. I don’t remember the name off-hand, but Kylie knows because she goes there often. :) Maybe it’s in the direction of your hotel?

  2. Wendy Says:

    I’ve stayed at the Penn Stater Conference Center many times. Yes, it is located away from campus but I think you’ll like it. Very modern, has a nice bar/lounge and a very nice restaurant. The rooms are comfortable and there is a shuttle available to take you downtown. I used it quite often when I stayed there. Let me know how your trip goes in June!

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