Scents of the Season

Come springtime, I always like to swap up my body products wardrobe along with my clothes.  All fall and winter I use vanilla/apple/nutmeg-based scented lotions and sprays.  In summer, I crave fresh smells.

But, I hate femme florals.  Luckily, there’s a lot of alternatives on offer.  I always buy something from the Coconut Lime Verbena line at Bath&Body Works, usually lotion.  Freaking addictive.  For the past couple of summers (hey, it was a big bottle and it’s lasted forEVER) I’ve been complementing that with a body spray from LUSH called Go Green.  It basically smells like grass, but with a nice sort of a clean, refreshing tang to it. Invigorating!

I’ve been all geared up to buy a new bottle this summer, but alas!  Lush has discontinued it!  Crap.  So I had to shop for a new grass-smellin’ scent.  I ended up with a bottle of Rainkissed Leaves spray also from Bath&Body Works, but I think I already have buyer’s remorse.  I only really picked it up because I had a coupon, but the smell just lacks the kick that the LUSH product had.  Weak!  But what can you expect from a product with a sissy name like Rainkissed Leaves?

Right after I bought it I made the mistake of going next door to GAP (Did you know that GAP sells fragrance? You do now.) and taking a sniff of one of their scents, simply called Grass.  Perfecto!!  Still not as awesome as the Go Green, but it will be a worthy successor.  Except I didn’t buy it.  :(   I wanted to force myself to be economical and at least use up some of the B&BW stuff first.  I don’t think that resolve will last long.

So if I can pick up a bottle of that and also find a Pacifica candle in Bali Lime scent (saw one somewhere in town, can’t remember where)  I will be firmly ensconced in Happy Smell Land.

Do you guys do this?  What’s your seasonal signature smell?  (Please no disgusting comments from the snark gallery .)

2 Responses to “Scents of the Season”

  1. Rach Says:

    As I was reading this I thought “Wonder if she knows about Grass at Gap?”, but you already found it! I’m not a fan of it, but most of the scents at Gap drive me nuts because people spray them all day and they mix into a toxic cloud of fumes! Keep an eye on it though…Gap likes to randomly take away their scents for a few years without notice! A lady told me once shortly after we got Grass back that she was buying bottles of it on Ebay for $60+ a bottle cause she was desperate to have it again.

    As for the Rainkissed Leaves, I like the foamy soap version of that, but haven’t tried it in a lotion/spray. :)

  2. Mrs. Hdawg Says:

    I tend to go back and forth between something earthy (an amber scent I get mixed at a place here called Maggie’s Pharm) and something floral but not TOO (Mimosa by L’Occitane). Of course, the hubby likes the ones that smell like FOOD…

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