Weekend Wrapup

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April 2 was my mom’s birthday and after finally exhausting all ideas of objects to get her, I had the bright idea (ok, actually it was Whistler’s idea) to take her to a Pens game because there was a nice 1pm game scheduled the day after her birthday.   I spent what felt like 3/4 of the winter trying to locate tickets that wouldn’t suck but wouldn’t break the bank either, and finally lucked out on Craigslist.  (I know!  A person on Craigslist not trying to rape you for ticket prices?!  Unreal!)

Got AWESOME seats in C9 with a parking pass thrown in.  Insane!  So the plan was set in motion.

But first we had a nice brunch of Nutella French Toast, egg cups, sausage, iced coffee and Rosa Regale.  Cousin L joined us and brought along brownies, so I had a snack to smuggle to the game.

Mom had no idea where we were going, just that it was “somewhere cold” because I’d asked her to bring a jacket.  She kept saying we were going to a cave.  Well, Mellon IS kinda dank, dark, dirty, and disgusting, so not a bad guess.

Got there in plenty of time for the Man Zoo, but unfortuntely we ran into that one goddamned annoying old usher who forces everybody to sit down at the Man Zoo.  WTF?  The purpose of Man Zoo is to stand with your face pressed against the plexi-glass!  ANYway, that’s why I don’t have any good Man Zoo pics.  Gawd, I hope he retires before next season.

But the seats were flippin’ awesome.   Incredible view, right on an aisle so lots of leg room, near an exit so handy to come and go, couldn’t be better.  And there were no douches sitting anywhere within earshot, a first.

The first period was *yawn*, but the second heated up.   I dunno who slipped what into Bill Guerin’s Gatorade, but ol dad was sure in a mood, beating guys and giving the side-eye right and left.  Then there was another big scuffle involving Malkin, but since I was watching without benefit of TV announcers, I have NO idea what any of it was about.  Someone wanna fill me in?

In all, it was a needlessly close game, but the boys did triumph in the end.  Can we turn the corner and stop sucking now?  Let’s.

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  1. serhaex Says:

    Hope that “mom” liked the game.

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