Putting the “Action” back in “Action Figure”

Hey peeps, feast your eyes on this.

Isn’t that the sexiest chunk of plastic you’ve laid eyes on? :) I saw one in Sprogs R Us, and it actually looks even more like young, hot Harrison Ford in person than in the pic. That is for sure going on my BDay/Yule wish lists, though I dunno how much work I could get done with that thing hanging around the office.

Anyway, the whole Star Wars Unleashed line is pretty cool. They are more statues than action figures, which is nice because I can never get real action figures to stand up! Boy Wonder likes the Unmasked Vader and the Emporer one, of course. For fanboys who like to ‘keep it in the family’, they have Exploitation Outfit Leia and Exploitation Outfit Padme for your..uhh…collecting enjoyment.

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  1. whistler Says:

    yummy. look at the stomach on Padme… WOO HOO!

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