Redecoration Bliss

Spring always gives me the urge to do three things:

  1. Buy new shoes
  2. Get new celebrity crushes
  3. Redecorate everything in sight

I have the first two well in hand, and this weekend I took care of the third in a small but very important way.  I have for YEARS, possibly longer, been grousing that I want a piece of real glass for my desktop rather than the ancient, scarred, fugly, small piece of Plexiglass I’ve been suffering with for eons.  Finally I’d had enough.  I was willing to go to a Big Box Store and shell out lots of $$$ for a piece, but we decided to check Construction Junction first.  (Construction Junction is an awesome place where you can buy used building materials.  Everything from open cans of paint to old sinks to doorknobs, church pews, salad bars, you literally never know what treasures will turn up there!)

And there it was, waiting for me as if by magic.  A beautiful, clean, thick, HEAVY glass that used to be a desktop.  About 18 inches deep by  5 feet wide.  Pristine.  With a curved bit that perfectly aligns with the shape of my wrist rest.  For $5!

I could not believe my good fortune!  We snatched it up and brought it home, wiped off the dust and now my desk is SO much nicer I am just giddy about it.  It all looks so much more finished now.  And since this piece of glass is about 2 feet wider than my old thing, I could add many more pictures (JStaal!  Cusack!), and no hotties have to be hidden under  my keyboard.  Pictures below!

The big picture.

Gandalf’s pillow still takes up the last 16 inches of desk.

I dug out the pic of Kip and set up this arrangement JUST for Whistler, because I know it will turn him on!

2 Responses to “Redecoration Bliss”

  1. LOUP Says:

    Where is SIDNEY??

  2. tarsier Says:

    LOL. He’s like….all over the rest of my house. :)

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