Hair Apparent

This article is made of win.  It features pics of The Flying Fox, The Dude, delicious Ben Barnes, and drops DSuth’s name, and holds them all up as sterling examples of  hair that men can and should emulate.

Trends deconstructed: Guys with long hair

He also hears from female clients that they enjoy the tactile experience that long hair on the opposite sex affords. “They like grabbing onto it and playing with it.” 

I love it when the media eventually catches on to things I’ve been saying for 25 years.

Of course, they rightly caution that not just any old scuzzy dweeb should have long hair.

“You have to have the character to back it up and you have to be able to carry yourself in a strong way,” Evans says. “If you have the mane, you have to be the lion.” 

Amen.  And the correlative that losing the mane neuters the lion.

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