Actually, I am preparing to be severely disappointed in this movie.  I liked the original (like, from 4 years ago) concept of the script, which was that the Robin Hood story was going to be told from the Sheriff of Nottingham’s POV, Russell was going to play Nottingham, and Robin was going to be portrayed as sort of a thug.  THAT movie would have been genius, especially if they had gotten some sexy charismatic thing to play Robin off of Russell’s sheriff.  (JRM?  Joe G-L? James McAvoy? The mind reels.)

But alas, all that potential was wasted as Ridley and Russell decided to go the safe, boring route, scrap the whole script, and make a movie where Robin Hood is the hero *yawn* and Russell plays Robin all heroic and Russelly.  In other words, Gladiator in medieval garb.  Granted, that’s a huge step up from Gladiator, but still….

AND to rub salt in our wounds, Russ spent a year growing his hair out all gorgeously for this flick, then when filming started they changed their minds and hacked it off into the Gladiator-style cut. DAMN YOU!

But still…but still.  Russell is in medieval garb, swinging a sword and generally making people his bitches.  My money is already in the box-office till.  And this very last, longest trailer has finally gotten me to be a smidge more excited.

This was my favorite scene:  Flattering medieval tunic, check.  Leather pants, check.  La Blanchett being devine, check.  And a deerhound!  Sold.

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  1. Diane Says:

    Why did you have to post the trailer?! I’ve been avoiding it and trying to keep my expectations low, but now I have renewed hope that I might not be that disappointed. :P Still, even if the plot is awful, he can’t really do a bad job of playing Robin can he? I just don’t think it’s possible, so at least I know I won’t be completely disappointed.

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