Ginge Binge

Y’all have probably caught Shaun White on the new Rolling Stone mag, he’s rather unavoidable. I caved and bought myself a copy on the road down to Loup’s.  But then, on Thursday while BW and I were strolling downtown Chapel Hill, Loupy made a stop at the Kwik-E-Mart for sugar and caffeine, spotted the mag, leafed through it, and bought another for me.  She said she saw the black leather 80′s metal pose and knew I had to have it.

Damn.  A friend who not only knows one’s tastes in porn, but then goes out and buys the porn FOR you?!  THAT is a true friend.

Anyhoo, you have Loup to thank for the scan.  (And the two below.)

I propose that Shaun change his nickname from “The Flying Tomato” (because tomatoes are repulsive things) to maybe “The Flying Fox.”  :)   (Which incidentally is also the same of my favorite product from LUSH.  It smells like Nom.)

Then I read the article (I DID! Really!)  Knowing nothing about Shaun other than, “Ooh, pretty!”, I learned a lot.  Oddly enough, he sound a lot like another young jailbait hottie sports prodigy that we lust over around here.  Check this out:

  • is the world’s best at 23
  • starting boarding at 6, turned pro at 13!
  • hard time fitting in because everyone else competing at his level was 10 years older
  • can’t go out without getting mobbed, “always has to be vigilant about spit-shining his image.”
  •  ”I’ve been competing since I was seven years old, so when I have time off, I can’t handle it.”
  • friends say:  “Even with insane talent at such a young age, he conducts himself with no pretense or sense of entitlement.”

Eerie!  But I’m proud that if I’m gonna be a dirty old lady, at least these boyz are the real deal.  Looks fade SKILLS are sexy forever.

5 Responses to “Ginge Binge”

  1. Rach Says:

    You missed out on some kick-ass snowboarding! You best do your homework and watch some videos! :)

  2. tarsier Says:

    Oh dude, fear not. I killed my time at the office yesterday by schooling myself at NBC’s Olympics site. I gaped! I gasped! My mind, it boggled!

  3. whistler Says:

    Why do I see Kip Winger everytime I look at that picture?

  4. tarsier Says:

    So do I, and That’s A Good Thing. :D

  5. LOUP Says:

    Speaking of my boy … if you get a chance (or if I can figure out how to rip from the lame ass no name DVR directv is using) catch Off the Ice with Siddo … srsly … OMFG straight from the Gold Medal – complete with that tiny scratch under the eye …. DELISH.

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