A Great Week for Hockey (?)

A very hockey-oriented week in the works.  I hope I don’t get burnt out, that’s always a risk this time of year.

Anyway, we’re expecting Whistler over to dinner tonight so I suspect we’ll end up watching the Pens.  Then BW and I have nosebleed tickets to Sunday’s home game.  But the best part is that exactly one week from tonight we will be in good seats at the RBC Center in Raleigh, sitting next to Loup and LK, rooting for JStaal over EStaal, and Crosby uber alles.  W00t!

So psyched to go!  We leave on Tuesday morning, spend a day or two running around North Carolina finding fun stuff to do, Pens v. Hurricanes game on Thursday night, then home.

3 Responses to “A Great Week for Hockey (?)”

  1. LOUP Says:

    I haven’t missed a game this season … I’m freakin’ hooked.

    I am so amped up for RBC. I just gotta figure out what I want my sign to say.

  2. whistler Says:

    Sorry you were sick. :(

    LOUP. See if there is a statue erected to me in the RBC parking lot. After my epic pukefest during game 3 of the ECF I swear I left most of my guts there..

  3. LOUP Says:

    Will do Whistler .. we’ll get Cheryl to pose with it and take pictures LOL = )

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