Drive-by Hotting: Homesick Edition 2

Or mayhap we should call this “Drive-by Scotting”?  Too cheesy?  Yeah.  Anyway, this place still needs more Scotsmen, so here is their King.

Been a long time since we’ve seen darling Ewan in anything that wasn’t utter shite.  (I truly believe that fate placed a curse upon everyone who had anything to do with the SW prequels.  See also, Neeson, Liam.)  But he’s battling back with a starring role in a critically-acclaimed Polanski pic, Ghost Writer.

Also, he has I Love You Philip Morris opening soon.  *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigghhhhhhhhhhh*  Ewan makes a gay love story and they cast Jim Carrey as his love interest.  In other news, the Universe hates me.

More Scottish mood music fer ye ta gae wi’ Ewan…even wi’ translation…

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  1. Marci Says:

    Although I’ve been finding the Jim Carrey has been getting somewhat better with age, may I suggest a mental palate cleansing? A revisit of Velvet Goldmine with Ewan and JRM sharing a moment…le sigh.

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