You Want Fries With That?

Did a whole bunch of stuff this weekend, including going to see Supersize Me. I’m not about to try to write a review of it, since it’s a documentary, and documentaries aren’t real movies. Still, it was worth seeing. It will definitely put you off food for a few days, though. Now that I’ve had sometime to mull it over, what really resonates with me after seeing the film is the nagging question, “Do we as a society need a film to tell us that McDonalds food is crap?? Isn’t that sad?”

And I’m in no way trying to defend McDonalds, but it did seem to me that the guy went out of his way to eat the worst possible junk on the menu during the 30 days. He was always getting milkshakes, and burgers with cheese, and drinking full-sugar pop, for example. He could have eaten a lot healthier than he did. But, I appreciate and support what he was trying to do with the film, and as the saying goes, if Supersize Me gets just one person to stop eating McCrap, it will alllllllllll have been woooooorrrrth it!

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