Drive-by Hotting: Homesick Edition

You know what we need more of up in this place?  Scotsmen!

Stand back, James McAvoy is about to bring the pasty.

NOM.  That’s one tasty morsel of buttery shortbread.

“There’s no place like home,  There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home….”

*click, click, click*

Come ON, dammit!  Stupid slippers.

Maybe if we all listen to this while we gaze at James, we will be teleported to Scotland at least in a virtual sense…

2 Responses to “Drive-by Hotting: Homesick Edition”

  1. LOUP Says:

    I do love me some James … so much so that I sat through “Wanted” … now that is love!

    I love him in Last King of Scotland and Rory OShea Was Here.


  2. tarsier Says:

    Today I’ma be watching James in “Shakespeare Retold: MacBeth”, from the BBC. James plays MacBeth as an ambitious modern-day chef in a 5-star restaurant. Love James, Love MacBeth, can’t fail!

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