No business like snow business

I’m sure you all know that the Snowpocalypse ’10 hit PGH pretty hard.  It’s been awesome! I’ve been catching up on all sorts of movie and Northern Exposure viewing, and it made Nutella Day all the sweeter.

Even more awesome: BW’s work was cancelled today!  The last time that happened was 17 GODDAMN YEARS ago!  Sort of makes up for that morbidly depressing hockey game on Sunday.  Sheesus.  Sidney and JStaal HAND you guys a huge victory, and it gets pissed away.  Must they do everything for you people?!?!  This is why I hate team sports.  I was so much more even-tempered and happy when I was a tennis fan.  :(   :(

Anyway, back to Nutella Day.  The cookies were pretty dang good, I will try to post the recipe when I get the chance.  But the Nutella French Toast was incredible! No recipe needed, I don’t think.  Just make French Toast as you usually would, but spend the money on some extra-good bread…brioche or something…toast it lightly in the oven so it doesn’t get too soggy, then make Nutella sandwiches, dunk in your egg/milk mixture, and grill.  Oh, a splash of Grand Marnier in the eggs n’milk is highly recommended.

Doesn’t that look scrumptious?

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  1. whistler Says:

    can i have some of that next time I visit?

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