This place needs sprucing up

And nothing brightens up a room like a little Jude Law.

Better!  Enjoy your snow day if ya got one…we did!  This is unbelievable.  The U of PGH has some message up on its website saying how their students’ and staff’s safety is their top concer.  HAAAAA!

Translation:  The state threatened to fine their asses bigtime if they kept on defying state-issued States of Emergency as they have flagrantly done over the past 20-odd years.  So home we sit again today.  :)   Yesterday we were able to get out to Costco and Target.  Today more snow is expected so I need to dash to the ban.  Apart from that, am thinking of making some Pens-themed Valentine’s Day cookies.  Maybe it will snap the boys out of their slump.  If not, only Sidney and BabyJ get to have a cookie and the rest have to stay behind and clean the blackboards!

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