Nommy Holidays!

Happy World Nutella Day!

In order to celebrate this day, you need exactly one thing:  a jar of Nutella.  Spoon optional.

But if you really want to get fancy about it, you should make something out of the Nutella.  I found a recipe for Triple-Chip Nutella Cookies that I’ll be baking later today.  If they turn out to be nommy, I’ll post the recipe.

Also thinking about making a weekend out of it and cooking up some Nutella-Stuffed French Toast for Saturday brunch….or maybe for Pens Game lunch? :)   Nutella-Stuffed French Toast?  You KNOW that would get the Marc-Andre seal of approval.  Probably makes a batch whenever he gets a lazy weekend morning….MAF puttering in the kitchen with his Nutella and his Grand Marnier…sipping on a mimosa while Sidney sits around playing Wii in his jammies.  *ssiiiiiiiiiiiiggghhhhhhhhh*  I love those two.

Whut?!  You people have no imaginations, that’s your problem.

Recipes to come next week.

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