Problem Solved

I think.

Remember my hockey jersey conundrum?  I deeply want to upgrade from my cheap “women’s style” STAAL jersey to a nicer one, and I was counting on 2010 Team Canada to provide me with that opportunity.  BUT, being the raving pack of shitheads they are, I was denied.

For the past week or two, I’ve seriously been considering saying “Fuckit” and ordering a Canada 2010 jersey and getting the JSTAAL/11 embroidered on it anyway, because I do not believe in “jersey fouls.”

But THEN, Canada screwed me AGAIN.  They announced which numbers the 2010 players will be sporting, and they gave away #11 to some dumb cunt!!!  Curses!

What to do??  And here’s the part where you’ll ask, “Well why don’t you just get a nice Staal Penguins jersey and stfu?”  Um.  It’s hard to explain, but I don’t want one.  Number of reasons:  1. I don’t trust hockey managers…they are known to be dipshits.  Even though BabyJ has a 5-year contract with the Pens, I don’t trust that some asshole won’t trade him out.  Then I’d have wasted $x-hundred bucks on something I can never wear again.  2.  I define myself as a fan of the individual players, not the team.  Like the past month or so I’ve been annoyed by everybody BUT Sid, JStaal, and Gonchar…maybe if they could play more consistently as a group.   3.  I don’t want to look like a  typical Pittsburgh douchewrangler sports fan.

All seemed lost until….this style jersey showed up on River City Sports

I like the style, they hadn’t had this style as recently as last week, AND it is only available in Small!  YAY! And then BW discovered photographic proof  of BabyJ wearing this very type of jersey in the 2007 World Championships.  In which Team Canada won the gold! And even better, Eric Staal was also on this team which means that J’s jersey for the championships would have actually said “J.STAAL”!!  HA!

Truly, this was all preordained by Hockey Jesus, so I placed my order.  Only minor bummer is that J wore #10 on this team, not #11.  I went ahead and got #10 on my jersey to be accurate, but it sure is gonna confuse the heck out of your average PGH Sports Douche On the Street.

3 Responses to “Problem Solved”

  1. whistler Says:

    Is that really Jordan? or his younger brother? Jared?

  2. LOUP Says:

    I just take it as part of the players history … if Elvis forbid any of them should get traded off … I consider it proof as true fandom for the player to have the jersey of their former teams as well. = )

  3. tarsier Says:

    #1 That’s Jordan, doof. Ya think I don’t know my own Baby J when I see him? Google ‘jordan staal 2007 world championships’.

    #2 Yabbut, if the Pens were to trade JStaal, I could not in good conscience wear a Pens jersey because that act would make me hate them with the very fires of hell! :)

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