“What? Like an Irish monk?”

Lebowski Fest pictures are here.

Note: If you haven’t seen The Big Lebowski, many of the terms and references in this post will make no sense, especially the costume descriptions. That’s your problem! Go watch the movie!

I don’t know where to start with my LebowskiFest write-up, so I’ll just plow right in. Events kicked of on Friday with a concert at a riverside ampitheater in downtown Louisville. The setting was lovely, but I could have done without the concert. A ‘famous’ local band called My Morning Jacket were playing. To give you an idea of what they sounded like…well, they’re on Dave Matthews’ record label. Enough said. So the show was booooooring, except for the replica of The Dude’s car that was on display. Oh, and there was a nice fireworks show from the baseball game further down in the park.

What I really wanted to get to was the movie screening, but that didn’t happen till 11:15 (and it wasn’t widescreen! the horror!). We stayed for about half the movie, but we were both wiped out from travel at that point, so we split. (Note to self: watch rest of The Big Lebowski this week.)

On Saturday afternoon, they held a ‘carnival’ with Lebowski-themed games and more local bands. Boy Wonder won at the Marmot Fling, but didn’t try the Ringer Toss. :) Me, I just suck at those things, so don’t even ask.

I guess what I really wish is that they had had more movie-related stuff going on, instead of all that lame local music. Granted, I don’t know what else they could have done, but still… I just don’t do Local Bands. I am a film geek. Give me film!! So in all, we could have just skipped all the pre-Fest stuff without missing anything.

Finally, Saturday night at 8 was the LebowskiFest proper. Held at the Executive Strike and Spare bowling alley right across from the hotel. Boy Wonder dressed up as Brother Shamus, and I went as a random Nihilist. My original plan to speak only German (all the nihilists in the movie are Germans) all night was quickly abandoned. I have no excuse, other than wussiness. And not remembering enough German.

Boy Wonder was like a celebrity all night. He was the only Brother Shamus in attendance, and he got photographed a TON, his hand shook, slapped on the back, some guys yelling “Brother Shaaamussss!” out of a car at him, and countless people saying, “What are you? An Irish Monk?” to him. We picked that costume for him because we thought it would be sooooo esoteric, since Brother Shamus isn’t really a character in the movie, he’s just a concept tossed out in one throw-away line. But were we ever suprised and impressed to meet a lot of people in even MORE obscure costumes!

The all-time best was the guy dressed up as The Creedence Tape. (Look closely at the picture. There’s feet sticking out of there!) Amazing. And he did end-up winning Best Costume. But there was a guy who came as Walter’s laundry (“the whites”), Walter’s buddy from ‘Nam who died face down in the muck, and the two guys who came as “3000 years of beautiful tradition, from Moses to Sandy Koufax!”. Yeah, one of ‘em was Moses, one was Sandy Koufax. Freaking awesome. And they were all really nice people, and along with Boy Wonder, were runners-up in the costume contest. Besides the obscure people, there were innumerable Walters, Dudes, and Jesuses.

There was also a lot of media there. At least one real local tv-person, and two young guys (maybe they were film students?) making documentaries. Boy Wonder and I got interviewed by one of them (I got to make an obligatory childfree reference in the interview! Whoo!), and the other one asked Boy Wonder to bowl so he could shoot some footage of it.

In all, it was really cool. You’ve never seen so many white russians consumed in one place. I think to really make the most out of it, though, you need to go in a group. Too bad BW and I don’t know any other Lebowski freaks. :( I wasn’t overly thrilled with the Louisville location. Someone is starting up an NYC Lebowski Fest. If I ever go to another one, I think I’d rather go to that, so there would be something else to do and the Fest wouldn’t be the be-all-end-all of the trip. But that’s just like, my opinion, man.

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