The Louisville Trip

I think I’m gonna do this in sections. One post about Lousiville in general, and one about LebowskiFest. I recommend opening up a second browser window so you can look at the pics and read along at the same time. Since my pics don’t have captions, everything in bold refers to a picture. Let’s begin!

See generic Louisville pics here.

The drive to Louisville was very long, about 6.5 hours, necessitating a lot of stops. On one stop, we saw a nice custom cycle shop. Otherwise, it was a dull trip. The good citizens of Cincinnati drive worse than Pittsburghers! And I wondered why Cinci has a ‘Ronald Reagan Highway’; what did he have to do with Ohio?

Anyway, this is what we saw when we pulled into the hotel parking lot! Yeah, there were plenty breeders there, since it was cheap and next to an amusement park. I encountered one Breeder Moo in the elevator toting grocery bags full of juice boxes and fruit roll-ups, and a big bin of Crayolas. She was telling some guy all about how a few times a summer she brings her whole brood to the hotel so they can use the swimming pool, since they can’t have a pool at the trailer park where they live. Oh yeah.

The hotel room was huge, but was decorated in early “My Aunt’s House Circa 1979.” What a trip! Another oddity was that we weren’t near any restaurants. Every time we wanted to eat, we drove about 10 minutes to this nice area called ‘the Highlands.’ It was like Louisville’s trendy strip, with vintage shops, ethnic food, etc. We had awesome gyros and baklava (hey Whistler! neener-neener!) at a place called Omar’s.

Downtown Lousiville is totally dead on the weekends, but they have giant bats there. And, like Minneapolis has Peanuts characters and Pittsburgh has dinosaurs, Louisville has decorated fiberglass horses everywhere. TONS of them! Like, three per block!

The last pic was taken out in the parking lot the night of LebowskiFest, it’s the ferris wheel at the neighboring Six Flags.

See Frazier Museum pics here

Thanks to my bud Whistler, we found out about and got free tix to the Frazier Arms Museum in downtown Louisville. It’s brand-new, literally just opened. It still had that ‘new museum smell’! Very impressive place! It’s mainly devoted to American made arms (i.e. guns), but they have a unique partnership with the Royal Armoury of England, so they have a small but nice collection of older British items on permanent loan.

There were very few medieval items, but they were cool. They had knight’s spurs, a 1066 diorama, a display on chainmail, lovely, lovely swords, and plate mail. I took a picture with my boy Richard III, and that incarnation of evil, Henry Tudor. There were late Renaissance swords and armor. A little section on the Jacobite Rebellion had a cool diorama of the Scots v. the English (who should I root for?), and Scottish weaponry.

Then we got into the Napoleonic War stuff! Boy Wonder and I were psyched to see this, as we’ve both been reading Richard Sharpe novels out the wazoo lately. (And of course I’ve seen all the movies. Starring Sean Bean as Sharpe!) There were cavalry swords, and Boy Wonder posed with Lord Wellington. And of course, there were rifles. In this pic, the second gun from the left is the British Baker rifle, as seen in Sharpe movies! Starring Sean Bean! heh.

On the way out of the museum, there was this astounding collection of decorative blades suspended in the air. And finally, these two fellas who I think were supposed to represent the union of US and English history. Whatever. It was cool! Highly recommended for fans of weaponry or history!

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    Glad you like the museum. At least you don’t have to deal with the stupid people that work there.

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