Christmas Done Come Early!

Truly friends, there is no happier emotion in this world than Schadenfreude.

Doing a rare weekend post because THIS.  THIS.  Is beautiful.  Behold the “loyal”, “diehard”, “bleed black n gold” so-called rabid Steeltard Nation fanbase.  Behold their hypocrisy.  Behold how they turn on “their” team when the chips are down.  Behold.

Our team AND our fans are like an 18 year-old who has been held back so many times he’s still only in 8th grade but he’s proud that he can beat up all the 13 year-olds in gym.  That midset is the Steeltard Nation.

Steelers Play Like Losers

by Ron Cook, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

But it’s something much worse to be a professional and play as if you don’t care. That was the Steelers last night. Coach Mike Tomlin was right a few days earlier when he said he would find out plenty about the character of his players. They revealed themselves completely in an almost unbelievable 13-6 defeat at the frozen hands of the Cleveland Browns.

They are losers.

There is no other word to describe a team that was supposed to be fighting for its playoff life and the right to defend its Super Bowl title, yet was thoroughly outplayed by the 1-11 Browns, an opponent that — quoting safety Ryan Clark now — “even a bad Pittsburgh Steelers team should be able to beat every time.”

There is no other word to describe a team that has lost five games in a row, including three to the worst that the NFL has to offer — the Browns, the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs.

There is no other word to describe a team that, by all indications, has quit on the Rooneys, Tomlin, their fans and — most egregiously — themselves.


HAHAHAHAAAAAA!  Even without the disloyalty, that is some priceless shit.  Can’t tell you all how thrilled I am not to have to endure playoffs this year.  I think I’m gonna throw a tailgate party for the Steeltards v. PACKERS game next weekend, anybody wanna come?

(Pssst — Pittsburgh Penguins….ranked 4th in the NHL….just sayin)

2 Responses to “Christmas Done Come Early!”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Believe me, I’m just as happy about the Steelers fall from grace. Now the fans are saying “At least we got 6″. WHO CARES!

  2. Rach Says:

    Christmas has come early! :)

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