Legalize it!!

What’s up with all of these so-called liberal states shooting down gay marriage??  First California and now this:

“In a passionate debate the New York State Senate voted down a bill that would allow gay couples to marry

Seriously, I would expect this sort of ass-backward ignorant bigotry from some redneck hellhole like say, Pennsylvania.  But come ON…New York?!?  Guess what NY Staters, you have officially lost your right to lord your more-culturally-sophisticated-than-thou-ness over us lowly flyover dwellers.

With a couple exceptions.  This has been floating around the web for the past few days, but it bears repeating.  Here is NY State Senator Diane Savino of Staten Island (which, incidentally, is my favorite NYC borough…go Staten!!) giving one of the best explanations of the justice of gay marriage I’ve heard.  And I LOVE the way she takes Amurrica’s own inane pop culture trends and turns them into harsh spotlight pointing right at our country’s glaring hypocrisies.  Take it away, Senator Diane!

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  1. LOUP Says:

    She is KICK ASS.

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