New York state of mind

“What are wolverines anyway? Are they little wolves that swarm all over you and nibble you to death?”
- Dr. Joel Fleischman

Day two of our week with the hotties of the frozen north brings us to Rob Morrow starring as Joel Fleischman, the “fish out of water” around whom Northern Exposure revolved.

I could see how some people might not crush on Joel, or even like him very much.  Especially in the first season when the show was still establishing the characters, he came off as WAY too annoying and abrasive.  But with time, he toned down his performance and Rob and the writers started to let us see the endearing and vulnerable side of Fleischman.   A lot of the time the show took too many pains to make Joel look clueless while all the natives were wise and deep.  As viewers we probably weren’t supposed to, but more often than not I find myself taking Joel’s side of things.  Yeah, I know that Cicely was an outpost of free-thinking open-minded new-agey spirituality that embraced the mystical and bizarre but dammit, SOMEbody needs to hold to the values of logic and rationality!  I often felt sorry for him.   But then I have a soft-spot for book-smart, anxiety-prone, nebbishy New Yorkers.  :)   And Morrow was so cute; my favorite thing about him was the smile that just takes over his whole face.  (See above.)

Today Rob is one of the stars of Numb3rs on CBS, which I’ve never watched because I detest crime procedurals.  I may have to start, though, because the show is skewed towards the geek audience, it’s produced by Ridley Scott so how bad could it be, and check OUT how hot Rob Morrow is these days!! I think he looks better now than in NEX and he was adorable then.

Dayyyum, Fleischman!  Bet that twit Maggie O’Connell is sorry now.  :)

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