“I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable,
I sound my barbaric YAWP over the roofs of the world.”
– W.W.

Oh, ChrisInTheMorning.  With your hair and your scruff and your headbands and your wire-rim glasses and your fingerless gloves and your denim shirts and your ability to quote all great literature at will and your penchant for uninhibited philosophical ramblings. Oh, Chris.


It’s as if the creators of Northern Exposure had a direct line in to the collective unconscious  of arty girls everywhere and tapped it to create our perfect man, and then lucked out in finding John Corbett to be the physical embodiment of him.

Was anybody not in love with John/Chris in 1992?  You lie!  All America wanted to wake up with ChrisInTheMorning.  Even if you weren’t an Arty Girl and didn’t get off on the whole Whitman-quoting schtick, everybody loved Corbett for the sheer eye-candyness of the man.  Of all the cuties on NEX, Chris was the winner in terms of sheer popularity.  I think he appeared in People magazine’s annual “Sexiest Man Alive” issue every year that NEX was on tv.  I know because I have the yellowed page clippings to prove it.  :)

Re-watching this show now, I still love Chris, but not nearly as much.  I mean, the eye-candy still packs a mean punch.  But now with maturity (or maybe it’s just jaundiced bitterness) I realize that to actually LIVE with ChrisInTheMorning for any length of time would be totally unbearable.  The man never shuts up!  And the constant philosophizing….that would get extremely old after not very long.  Like, my gawd man, can’t you just talk about the weather without bringing Nietzsche into it?!?

Anyway, I haven’t really followed John Corbett’s career since NEX, but I gather he’s been working pretty steadily.  And like most of our featured hotties, he has aged pretty well. (Actually, he fared the worst out of the lot of them but for 48 years old this is not bad at ALL.)

Here’s to you, John Corbett!  It’s not easy being a Platonic Ideal, but you made it look natural.

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