Economy Boosting

BW and I did our part this weekend.  Thanks to the beneficence of Cousin R we had 30% off “Friends & Family” coupons for all of the GAP group of stores, so we hastened to the Ross Park Mall (aka “the fancy mall”) to shop for Yule gifts and ourselves.  Got some awesome deals (w00t Cousin R!), checked a few folks off of our list, and splurged on goodies.

I bought myself a robe at LLBean…it’s supposed to be a men’s robe and it looks and feels just like a really long hoodie sweatshirt.  I like the plain, gender-neutral styling because although my current robe is soooooo warm and fuzzy, it is also red with a pink belt and I feel like Elmo whenever I put it on.  :P   Also it picks up cat hair like nobody’s business.  I also found I book that I’ve wanted at Half-Price Books (that almost never happens)and had a coupon for free boxer shorts at Lucky Jeans.  BW broke down and bought me an IDEAL Little Black Dress (I’ve been questing for one for about half my life, it seems) because it was 40% off at Nordstrom.  Speaking of Nordstrom, did anybody know that they have an awesome little cafe inside the store? We decided to try it because hey, anything’s gotta be better than Food Court, and it was amazing!  I think if I lived near that mall I’d be over there for lunch at least once a week.  Highly recommended.

Oh, and on the advice of BW’s co-worker we stopped in to the Macy’s furniture store and I’m pretty sure we’ve found our new sofa!  On sale, and a good balance between the look we want, comfort, and price level.  The sales woman told me to hold off until next week to buy it, though, because they’d be having a free delivery special.  *bounce*  I’m psyched.

Sunday I finally threw the Autumn Dinner Party I’ve been wanting to have since September.  :)   Tim the Enchanter, Donna The Nicknameless, Agent Asian and Mr. Asian-By-Marriage came by for Maple-Brined Pork Roast,  whipped sweet potatoes, roasted cauliflower with lemon & garlic, and cinnamon-chip brownies.  Birthday presents were exchanged among the nest of Scorpios [that's like a pit of vipers, only sexier :) ] and bonhomie was had.

And now…..stupid jpb.  Blargh.

3 Responses to “Economy Boosting”

  1. Rach Says:

    Glad you found some Gap goodies! :)

  2. babs Says:

    Yes, I do know that Nordstrom has a cafe because I think I ate at one of them in a sort of “Ladies who lunch” moment I want to imagine it’s Wanamaker’s moment.

    Which book did you find?

  3. babs Says:

    It is nice.

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